Watch: My Old Friend

A mate of the mag, director Ed de Carvalho, has created a heartbreakingly beautiful short film about one of Australia’s favourite locations: the pub.

Not just any pub, though. It’s the pub before the pandemic. The best pub. The pub we all miss. ‘It’s a stunning Saturday afternoon,’ says the film’s description. ‘You can feel the buzz in the air. All your mates are at the pub, waiting for you…’

‘They’ve got all your top beers on tap,’ continues the blurb, ‘and when that golden liquid hits your lips, your taste buds tingle. You talk about the busy week at work, the cracking footy game last night. Your favourite song plays in the background as the laughs flow. Your mate has ordered some chips for the table. They’re crispy and accompanied by both aioli and tomato sauce. The single one on the table is trying to catch eyes with a good sort across the bar. You spot someone you haven’t seen in years and chat with them for a bit. There’s a moment, everyone’s laughing, someones got the next round, and you think, “How good is this?”‘

I’m actually crying. Hit play above and keep your eye on October 11—the day the pubs reopen and we get a bit of normality back in our lives.

Director: Ed de Carvalho, producers: Tom Sacre, Ed de Carvalho, DOP: Grégoire Lière, 1st AC: Paul Hoad Production Designer: Mariana Rivero, Gaffer: Andrew Ward, Sound Design: Alex Birch, Colourist: Alina Bermingham. Ed and Co. would like to thank Tim Condon, The Welcome Hotel and White Bay Brew Co.

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