Watch Jaleesa Vincent in ‘Eerie’

Up until now, I was extremely firm on my view that absolutely no one walking on this planet could pull off a legionnaires hat with style.

I don’t care how pasty, ranga or sun conscious you are, if you are not a part of the French Foreign Legion get that thing off your head. Surely sunburn is better than wearing something that flaps in the wind enough that you could probably fucking take off?

That was how I felt before I saw Jaleesa Vincent surf with one on her head in her recent clip Eerie. How does someone even make that thing cool? I don’t know, but there are 10 minutes of her doing just that with some frogs, bats, lizards and other whacky things that all tie in together to make a very cool little surf edit. Filmed by Luka Raubenheimer, soundtracked to Cupid and the Stupids, and animated by the lady of leisure herself, Eerie reminds me of nothing other than Jaleesa, which I think should be the point of creative surf edits… don’t you think?

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