Watch Henry Rollins, Vince Staples, Louie Lopez in New Converse Vid

Everything Tyler, the Creator touches turns to gold—even ads.

Continuing their long and fruitful partnership, Converse and Tyler have just released an ad spot for the classic Chuck 70, featuring cameos from some big names in music, skateboarding, and film. Written and directed by Tyler, The Really Cool Converse Club is set in a local community centre, where various factions of the club have gathered together to decide whether or not to revoke a membership for breaking the most important rule of the club: ‘No denim hats because that’s nasty and ignorant.’

Featuring cameos from Vince Staples, Henry Rollings, Tim Meadows, Louie Lopez, Bill Walton and heaps more, the video is intended to show all the different walks of life that wear Chucks: ‘I instantly thought about the many pockets of people that wear Chucks—like skateboarders, soccer moms, kids down the street, guys in the neighbourhood I grew up with—and I wanted to put them in one place, that was important to me,’ said Tyler about the video. ‘Everyone wears Chucks…including pirates.’

Check out The Really Cool Converse Club above.

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