Watch Chad Bowers Talk All Things Quasi in New Video

Vans show Quasi some love with a new profile on the best from the mid-west.

In the video, Chad Bowers and team members like Justin Henry and Gilbert Crockett reflect on the brand’s constantly evolving style, going on trips, and the differences that set the mid-west skate scene apart from the rest of the country. ‘There’s no distractions here,’ Bowers says. ‘Like I’m not going to the bar at night. I come here to try and make things, you know?’ Ohio skater Justin Henry also reflects on this ‘weird place’ that they all call home, and how it creates a bond between the skaters that’s like nowhere else.

In an interview with Monster Children earlier this year, Henry talked about how he first linked up with Quasi, and Bowers taking the time to hit him back after he sent over tapes. ‘He just gave me an email back with constructive criticism but real words,’ Henry said. When I read it, I was like, “this dude,” even though he didn’t put me on then and there, he gave me words that I felt like he was already investing in me. He was trying to get me on a new level that he knew I needed to get to. Then I ended up going to a Quasi barbeque a couple months after I sent the footage and I was just skating around, doing my thing. We ended up meeting and he was stoked that he saw me in person skating, he was fuckin’ with it, so he started flowin’ me right there and got a box to me that week. I got my first box on my birthday.’

Hit play on the video above, and stay tuned for the Vans x Quasi collab dropping soon.

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