Watch: Black Lives Matter

Words and video by Taylor Curran

‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make a violent revolution inevitable.’ —John F. Kennedy

It’s interesting to follow a peaceful protest and watch it become a riot that distracts the world from the problem. Police Brutality amongst the Black community. In LA last Saturday, myself and a few friends walked up to Pan Pacific park to support and shoot photos and video at the Black Lives Matters protest. People of all ethnicities stood together and listened as different protesters spoke about police brutality and injustice, and how we can come together and end the systemic racism that our country was built on. Then the cops showed up by the hundreds and the demonstration took a turn. For the most part, the protesters tried to remain peaceful, but LAPD started firing rubber bullets and tear gas, and that’s when chaos ensued.

It’s easy to get caught up in the mayhem, but the beautiful protests and human spirit I’ve witnessed with my own eyes and on social media this week has, at times, brought me close to tears. And that’s what we need to focus on. Maybe if our president, local governments and police forces could offer their own sincere thoughts and ideas about how we can repair the systemic racism in our society, maybe we can start healing our country for good.


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