Watch Aaron Paul’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Audition Tape

Breaking Bad’s El Camino drops on Netflix tomorrow, so until then, please allow me to direct your attention to Aaron Paul’s audition tape.

The grainy footage, uploaded to YouTube in 2010, is the humble beginnings of everyone’s favourite crystal meth cook and dealer, Jesse Pinkman. What’s even weirder than seeing Paul’s first attempt at the character is the knowledge that’s he’s never had formal acting training—he’s actually just that good. (Spoiler: he got the job.)

The show’s creators originally planned to kill his character off in the first season of Breaking Bad, but in true Jesse Pinkman form, he managed to outlive even Walter White thanks to the chemistry between Paul and Bryan Cranston. Fun facts: Paul once auditioned for the role of Bryan Cranston’s son in Malcolm in the Middle, and the pair got Breaking Bad themed tattoos together in honour of their last episode together.

Check out the audition tape above, then get prepped for El Camino by watching the official trailer below.

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