Warren Smith Hopes To Disappear Into the Sun

Two things I love: Warren Smith and Randy Newman. This clip has both.

Welcome Rivers’ I Hope To Disappear In the Sun features Warren in Costa Rica and Indonesia, filmed by Nate Neal, Matteo Cossovich and Beren Hall. The song? ‘Pretty Boy’ by the late great Randy Newman. When the Welcome Rivers dudes emailed me the vid, I messaged Warren: ‘Hey man, so, with this video, should I just wrote “Here’s our mate, Wazza, cutting sick” or something?’ Warren replied, ‘Haha yep perfect. Me and Alex Knost went together if that helps. He drove me the entire country top to bottom overnight, from Pavones to Liberia, so I could make my flight out of Costa Rica. Me him and his GF, Daniella, and like 100 beers. It was good times.’ So here’s our mate, Wazza, cutting sick. welcomerivers.com

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