Warren Smith: A Coastal Walk

Warren Smith has more successful careers than all the skateboarders I know combined.

Did you know he was a professional Q-zar player? No word of a lie there. Pro Surfer, clothing designer, musician, model, DJ, music critic… the list goes on but today we’re here to talk about our man’s photography. Debuting as Warren’s first solo show ‘A Coastal Walk’ is a new collection of work showcasing images from Warren’s romantic strolls along the beach. The interesting and the mundane; rocks, shapes, sand and water all beautifully curated onto the walls of 1700 Naud. The show opened on Thursday to the sounds of a Reverberation Radio set that somehow didn’t get us kicked out completely… yet. The work will be hanging and ready for purchase for a month, so hurry down to the gallery to get your grubby paws on one of these beautiful images to hang in your second vacation home.

If you’d like to see a private showing of this work, or inquiring about a purchase please DM 1700 Naud on Instagram, or send an email to info@1700naud.com.

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