Velvet Underground Doco is a Must-See

A Velvet Underground documentary that’s been in the works since 2017 is finally set for release.

According to director Todd Haynes (Velvet Goldmine, I’m Not There), The Velvet Underground will be ‘a treasure trove of never-before-seen performances and a rich collection of recordings, Warhol films, and other experimental art,’ and will feature conversations with ‘key players’ who were there at the time. Sounds promising, but as a big fan of the Velvets, I hope Haynes does not muff this. Velvet Goldmine and I’m Not There were both excruciatingly corny and I don’t think I could handle it if he has Cate Blanchet doing Lou Reed. That would push me over the edge. Sorry to be so negative on a Monday, but those films made me want to punch my own head in.

Apple has acquired the rights to the film, which will premiere on Apple TV+ … Soonish? No release date has been announced yet, but watch this space because I’ll be complaining about it once it’s out.

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