Vans x Ray Barbee Limited Edition Leica

I think this is what they call a collab triple threat.

The Vault by Vans x Ray Barbee ‘Capturing the Journey’ collection includes a collaboration with Leica Camera AG. The pictures say it all, really. In creating the Vault by Vans x Ray Barbee ‘Capturing the Journey’, Ray selected a ’90s-vibe colour palette, and each silhouette is embroidered with a quote from Ray: ‘The joy is in capturing the journey.’ And as a nod to his favourite camera, the right shoe has a quote in German by Ernst Leitz: ‘Ich entscheide hiermit: es wird riskiert,’ which is German for ‘Hello. Can you direct me to the bus stop?’ Kidding. It means ‘I hereby decide: the risk shall be taken.’ Leitz’s famous words before greenlighting the production of the first Leica I camera in 1924.

There’s a bunch of apparel in the Vault by Vans x Ray Barbee collection, but let’s talk about that the limited-edition Leica D-Lux 7 Vans x Ray Barbee camera, aka the camera covered in Vans’ iconic checkerboard pattern in the pictures. Phoar. How good does it look? Ansel Adams just got a boner—and he’s been dead since 1984. Besides the checkers, the camera features Ray’s signature, as well as the Vault by Vans logo, and when you buy the set, you also receive a specially designed carrier strap and matching dust bag, both in petrol blue. The limited special edition camera is available in Leica Stores worldwide, and The Vault by Vans x Ray Barbee ‘Capturing the Journey’ range will be available beginning November 19, 2021, at Vault by Vans retailers.

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