Vans Tease New Series from Mikey February and Kai Neville

If you needed a reminder that Mikey February’s one of the most stylish dudes in surf, here it is.

Sonic Souvenirs is a series of portraits from Vans and director Kai Neville that takes the viewer on an exploration of art, music and surfing with Mikey Feb. The first episode, which premieres on April 13, trails Mikey journeying up and down the East and West coast of South Africa.

Travelling both home and abroad and being able to immerse himself in local culture is a huge driving force for Mikey, who said in an interview with Monster Children for our Bright Young Things feature last year that it’s important to give the local communities a voice, ‘because they’re essentially what make your trip so special’.

‘Whether it’s the music and the food, or the people that you meet along the way,’ he said, ‘if you can make it as inclusive as possible then I think we’re all winning, in that sense.’

The filming of Sonic Souvenirs was a process in and of itself—filmed during last year’s lockdown, it forced the crew to rethink traditional methods, which meant Kai having to direct remotely from Australia while Mikey clocked up the km’s around SA.

There’s a whole lot to love about this new series from Vans—including a backdrop of completely original music by South African musician Madala Kunene and friends—and you’d be mad not to tune in when it drops next month. Check out the teaser trailer above, and then go read our in-depth chat with Mikey from Bright Young Things while you wait for the first ep of Sonic Souvenirs to arrive on April 13 on Vans’ YouTube channel.

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