Vans Tease New Full-Length ‘Alright, OK’

Vans has released a teaser for upcoming Greg Hunt skate film, Alright, OK.

Featuring Elijah Berle, Gilbert Crockett, and Justin Henry, and filmed over the course of two years, it’s sure to be a bloody masterpiece. Vans reckon the film sees Elijah landing some of the best tricks of his career, and you best believe we’ll be tuning in to confirm when it drops November 23 on

Elijah battled injuries, unsuccessful tricks and mounting pressures to get the film out by its intended 2019 release date, but by the sounds of things, it’s been well worth riding out the dry spell. ‘I just had to break that barrier of feeling like shit and start to feel good and confident,’ he says. ‘I had to push my boundaries. And now it’s addicting. I don’t want to do anything else besides prepare myself for the next battle.’

Filmmaker Greg Hunt is back shooting with the skaters for the first time since Vans PROPELLER in 2015, finding skate spots in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, New York and the team’s home states of Virginia and California. In the lead up to the global premiere, a limited-edition photobook signed and produced by Greg Hunt was revealed this week, featuring behind-the-scene vignettes of the making of Alright, OKcheck it out here.

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