Lucy O'Doherty

Upcoming Sydney Exhibitions We’re Psyched About

Yes, that’s right, artists are still making new stuff and exhibitions are in fact, still on.

Despite the absolute mess that is 2020, creativity persists and lives on through the work of artists and the galleries that refuse to back down when the going gets tough. Whether they’re presented online or available to view in the socially-distanced flesh, here are some upcoming exhibitions that we can’t wait to visit.

Lucy O’Doherty

Lucy O’Doherty: Days Dissolve, China Heights

There’s a kind of familiar haze in the work of Australian artist Lucy O’Doherty. Like when fog creeps in after it rains or just after the sun slips out of the sky, a palpable feeling that diffuses everything; nostalgia in motion. These everyday moments that take place outside worn houses stuck in time, against opulent interiors and colour-washed landscapes are the subject of the artist’s latest body of work, Days Dissolve, showing at China Heights. Tapping into the potent vessels of personal memory, O’Doherty’s work recalls ephemeral safe zone BC (before COVID-19) and navigates the strangeness of it through distant recollections, now rendered in oil and pastels. Enter the artist’s surreal dreamlike paintings where the concept of time dissolves at China Heights from Friday the 28th of August until Saturday the 12th of September.

Anna Pogossova ‘Satellite II, 2019’

Anna Pogossova: Anticipation Machines, Jerico Contemporary

Existing within the space between fabricated worlds and reality is the work of Australian artist Anna Pogossova, who will present her second solo show Anticipated Machines with Jerico Contemporary this September. Working predominantly with photography and sculpture, Pogossova’s new series forms a juncture between the unreal and authentic, inspired by theme parks, playgrounds, fictional places and built environments, she explores our connection to wacky and wonderful pop-culture phenomena. Objects are both physically constructed and rendered them digitally, and you can enter the artist’s otherworldly world of Anticipation Machines exclusively online via the Jerico Contemporary Online Viewing Room from Tuesday the 1st of September to Saturday the 19th of September.

Nadia Hernández

Nadia Hernández: Entre Todo, Todxs (Among Everything, Everyone), Verge Gallery

Verge Gallery will reopen this week with the latest body of work by Sydney-based artist Nadia Hernández, Entre Todo, Todxs (Between Everything, Everyone). Known for her vibrant and dynamic use of colour as a medium for communication and connection about issues specific to her birthplace of Venezuela, this exhibition sees Hernández pay homage to her great grandmother, Delia. Through a series of paintings, paper cutouts, textiles and sound works, the artist looks at the intersection between hope and conflict, drawing on collective memories, stories and recipes shared within her family history in celebration of a beloved matriarch. One not to be missed, the exhibition will open at Verge Gallery on Thursday the 27th of August and continue through to Friday the 23rd of October.


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Group Exhibition: I’m Still Here, Pass~Port Store & Gallery

Despite it being a confusing and disruptive year for many art students, they’re still making great work and that’s exactly what I’m Still Here aims to showcase. Bringing together a selection of young emerging artists from the National Art School and Sydney College of the arts, I’m Still Here is a group exhibition brought to life by Luca Blasonato and friends, including Clare Wigney, Madeline Castili, Madi Feist, Nima, Sean Wadey, Hugo Rose, Sam Stephenson, Gabriella Lopresti, Sienna White, Oscar Sulich, Pops Bagnall, Elenor Ferguson and Charles Levi. When art schools closed, temporary art studios opened and ultimately gave way to hasty and spontaneous collaborative projects, just like this one. Opening September 5th at Pass~Port Store & Gallery, I’m Still Here is sure to remind us that art, expression and community will always prevail.

People chant slogans as a young man recites a poem, illuminated by mobile phones, before the opposition’s direct dialogue with people in Khartoum on June 19, 2019. – People chanted slogans including “revolution” and “civil” as the young man recited a poem about revolution. (Photo by Yasuyoshi CHIBA / AFP)

World Press Photo Exhibition 2020, State Library of NSW

Full disclaimer: this exhibition is on right now. The World Press Photo Exhibition opened on August 15th in the galleries of the State Library of NSW. Bringing together more than 150 evocative photographs by photographers selected from the World Photo Contest, the exhibition brings to light the best photojournalism from 2019. Delving into the contemporary issues of our time, the exhibition looks at everything from the environment, general news, long-term projects, nature, portraits, to sports and spot news. Prepare yourself to encounter some very powerful and moving photo works. The exhibition will continue until Sunday the 18th of October.

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