The Most Obscure Samples From ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’

When The Avalanches debut album, Since I Left You, dropped in 2000, everyone freaked the fuck out.

I really freaked out. I’d first seen The Avalanches the year before when they did a free show in the park on Greville Street, Melbourne and thought they were amazing. But when I heard Since I Left You the following year, I was completely flabbergasted. Like all Avalanches albums, there’s a lot going on on that record (the word byzantine springs to mind), and you hear something new with every listen. But while you can pick these sparkly little samples out of the mix, you can’t put a name to them because you don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of every random, obscure album ever released, and that has actually driven me and I’d say quite a few other nerds a little bit mad. Until now.

Robbie Chater has finally opened the doors to the vault with these ‘making of’ videos to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Since I Left You, and I for one couldn’t be more psyched. Please enjoy the making of ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ parts 1 and 2.

Click here to catch The Avalanches performing their seminal album with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra—LIVE!—and don’t forget to grab a copy of the 20th-anniversary deluxe edition of their mind-blowing Since I Left You here.

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