Ulladulla Bushfire Relief Demo

Thrasher and Volcom are putting on a demo next Tuesday to help with the relief effort, and you’d be mental to miss it. You’d also be a bit of a gronk.

Justin Figueroa, Grant Taylor, Louie Lopez, Omar Hassan, Tom Remillard, Collin Provost, Ezequiel Martinez, Bobby Long, Wes Kremer, and Milton Martinez are coming to Australia to film Milton’s SOTY tour video and, being the absolute champs that they are, they’ve decided to do a demo in fire-ravaged Ulladulla in the hope that it’ll draw a bit of much-needed tourism.

This event presents a rare opportunity for you to support communities and local businesses by basically getting in a car with your mates and heading south. Regional towns survive on summer tourism, so it’s a good idea to make the trip if you can. Also, the team is spending the night in Ulladulla, so if you have the time and means, book accommodation and smash some tins with the team at the local pub. It’d be good to put some loot through those local tills.

Thanks to Thrasher & NHS Skateboarding for making this happen. Very cool.

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