U.S. Open: Big Recap

I finally sweat out the last of the US Open fears.

It’s been two weeks since we said our sweet farewells to the Paseo Hotel in Huntington Beach. Do I miss it? Retrospection now tells a flowery story. First week back in reality, I didn’t want to go through these memories. It was too soon to truly appreciate. With a few more solid nights of sleep under my belt, though, I bravely dove back into the folder titled ‘VANS US OPEN’ and uncover a few more gems that really sum up the week. Thanks to Vans for havin’ us and for all their hospitality. Special mentions: George Pedrick, our daily wristband dealer; Euro bros at Wasted Talent, Alexei and Josh; Queen of the 805 tent, Holly Wawn; event wanderer, Tommy Moore from Daybreak Mag; content king, Evan Schell (not enough content out yet); my Cali squeeze, Grant Noble; salt shakers, Justin Villano and Kevin Castillo; and the walking caution tape, Harry Bryant. Cheers for picking up the check.

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