Trip to the Vans Shaping Bay

What kind of sick joke had we played on ourselves?

Getting to shape a surfboard is such a privilege, and getting help from shaping extraordinaire Grant Noble is truly an honor. But when our alarms went off at 8 am Sunday, we were scratching our sore heads and wondering what on earth we had signed up for.

It was the morning after the big finale party at Vans HQ. There we’d feasted our eyes on the new Chapter 11 film and moshed around to the sounds of The Skeggs. And it was Ollie Clapin from Monster Children’s first US Open, so we had to participate in all the festivities: shakin’ hands, kissin’ babies, and beating up our livers for an entire exhausting week. Our event shaman, George Pedrick, had booked us in for the first slot at the shaping bay. I think it was a test to see if we could last the marathon party and then get on the tools right at the finish line. He texted us: ‘Morning boys, you gonna be all good for this morning?’ We replied with a glassy-eyed selfie to prove we were already knee-deep in dust and foam at the shaping bay. We’d done it. Running on fumes. Our most significant accomplishment of the week. And the reward? A surfboard inscribed with ‘Shaped by Ollie.’

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