Tourism NZ Take the Piss out of Influencer Hotspots

There must be something funny in the water over there in New Zealand, ‘cause I’ve never seen a Kiwi ad I didn’t like.

Masters of self-deprecation and quirk, Kiwis consistently produce some of the most memorable ads around—Mitre 10’s Sandpit Kids, Anti Drink Driving’s Ghost Chips and Taika Waititi’s Blazed – Drug Driving to jog your memory—and Tourism NZ are keeping this rep up with their latest campaign taking the piss out of influencers and stale Instagram hotspots. Comedian Tom Sainsbury plays an overzealous officer in the Social Observation Squad (S.O.S), tasked with patrolling some of New Zealand’s top tourist spots.

Waging a one-man war against the ‘hot tub back shot,’ ‘man sits quietly on the rock contemplating,’ ‘hot dog legs’ and the ‘summit spread eagle,’ officer Sainsbury hands out warnings to offenders and suggestions for domestic destinations and activities that haven’t been documented to death on your Instagram feed. The clip is part of Tourism NZ’s Do Something New campaign launched in 2020, encouraging New Zealander’s to ‘share something new’ when travelling domestically, and it’s bloody funny. Hit play above.

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