Is This The Toughest Smartwatch In Existence?

G-Shock has released its first-ever smartwatch, and it’s indestructible.

Well, at least we think it is. We haven’t received ours in the mail yet—the thing only went on sale today, for chrissakes—but if there’s a brand we trust when it comes to durability, it’s G-Shock. And the specs for the GSWH1000 G-SQUAD PRO don’t lie either: 200m water resistance, titanium carbide finish to ward away corrosion, and completely shock resistant. You can do anything short of rolling over this thing with a 4WD and it’ll hold up, which can’t be said for some of the other smartwatches on the market vying for your cash dollars.

The GSWH1000 G-SQUAD PRO (try saying that five times in a row) features touchscreen, activity tracking, smartphone linking and Google Play app integration, which means you can choose from thousands of apps available on Google Play and access messages, phone calls, notifications, weather forecast, and more at the touch of a button. What else does this thing do? Well, it has an optical sensor to measure heart rate, will cook you eggs in the morning, has a compass and altitude/air pressure sensor, will remind you to call your dad for his birthday, features an accelerometer, gyrometer, GPS functionality and more. Oh, and it looks good too. But you already knew that from looking at the pictures.

The GSWH1000 G-SQUAD PRO is available on G-SHOCK’s website now with limited stock quantities for $999.

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