Torren Martyn on Right-Hand Points You Can Only Dream About

In case you’re only just tuning in, Lost Track Atlantic is a four-part series from best mates and surf-filmmaking duo, Torren Martyn and Ishka Folkwell.

So far we’ve joined the pair—yes, from the couch—travelling from the far North Atlantic to the tropical, equatorial coast of West Africa, eagerly checking in with every new ep drop. The third episode in the series from needessentials dropped today and in this installment, Torren and Ishka are living it up in Northwest Africa, exploring some of the best right-hand points they have ever experienced—and coming from these two, that’s saying something. Hit play away to watch them venture further south into the depths of a disputed territory, sand storms, relentless winds and endless desert. Sure beats the confines of your own home and another walk around the block.

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