Top 5 Rock Jumps in Tasmania

Words and photos by Nick Green

Before we dive into the top five rock jumps in Tasmania, we must first advise you that you could die as a result of attempting these.

But hell, what doesn’t cause death these days? I read about an old lady who was knitting a sweater for her Chihuahua who got up to feed the dog with her knitting needles still in hand. Apparently the Chihuahua loved Weet-Bix and milk. Anyway, the dog got between her legs and she accidentally dropped the milk and slipped in it. She came down hard on one of the knitting needles, stabbing herself through her thyroid and piercing her trachea. Her grandchildren found her body bled out on her kitchen floor, the Chihuahua voraciously lapping up the bloody milk. So, you know, millions of ways to meet your maker.

Tasmanian photographer Nick Green and a bunch of his buddies have been exploring some of the raddest rock jumps in Van Diemen’s Land and documenting their triumphant leaps of glory. Here Nick gives us his top five rock jumps in Tasmania. Proceed with caution.


Blackman’s Bay Blowhole

This is number one for me because it was the first rock jump I ever went to. I’ve lived in Blackmans Bay (15 minutes south of Hobart) my entire life. The blowhole sits about 100 metres around the rocks at the left end of the beach, making it the perfect spot to escape from the families and oldies at the beach.  Blackman’s sure gets the adrenaline pumping. There are a number of different rock ledges, ranging from two metres to twelve metres, to jump off which is great for all ranges of confidence levels. You have to be pretty careful jumping in as you have a two and a half metre wide channel you land in. The top ledge is appropriately called Cemetery, as it is pretty dangerous and only can be jumped safely on the right conditions. Hands down scariest rock jump I’ve ever done.


Soldiers Rock

Another rock jump close to my heart, as it’s quite close to my home! Soldiers rock is a 10-minute walk around the headlands to the right of Blackman’s Bay. Many summer days have been spent making the trek around to Soldiers Rock. I’d say this is one of the more diverse and safest rock jumps I’ve ever been to, with lots of different levels and no rocks below you, just open water, which on a high tide is more than deep enough to jump from the top. I remember getting a big group of close mates and going down to Soldiers for sunrise one morning before school, it was freezing but the sunrise was amazing.


Snug Falls

A beautiful place 25 minutes south of Hobart, visited by many locals and tourists all year round. As far as I’m aware, my mate Dylan Wells is the only person to have ever done this rock jump. It will probably stay that way for a while as well, and with good reason. There is a tiny gap (about two metres in radius) which is only two and a half metres deep. DO NOT attempt this jump if you don’t have a lot of experience in rock jumping. P.S – If anyone finds my iPhone floating around in the water down there, let me know.


Eagle Hawk Neck Blowhole

Located on the Tasman Peninsula (an hour drive from Hobart) is Eagle Hawk Neck. Follow the road to the far end of the 400-metre long beach and head to the blowhole lookout, where you’ll have to jump a few safety fences to get to the jump-off spot. This is the highest rock jump I’ve ever done but its relatively safe, as long as you land properly and there’s perhaps a bit of swell to chop up the water. The water is super deep. Use extreme caution when walking on the cliffs above as you never know when a rock may fall out from under you. Lots of good times talking mates into leaping from Eagle Neck Blowhole!


Lobster Falls

Lobster falls is situated just before Mole Creek in the central north of Tassie. A relatively new spot for me, only recently making the half an hour walk in to check it out (google info says its a two-hour walk but it isn’t). Such a beautiful and untouched place to hang out for the day, super fresh water and the perfect stop in if you’re after a break from driving further north. Always check for sticks and debris before jumping.

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