Tom Cruise Getting ‘Space Legs’

According to Space Shuttle Almanac, Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman (Swingers and all those Bourne movies) are going into space.

SSA shared a chart featuring countries and spacecraft scheduled to launch in the next three years, and under the October 2021 portion it reads ‘SpaceX Crew Dragon’ with a little picture of a space vehicle and beneath it the words ‘SpaceX Pilot Lopez Alegria, Tourist 1 Tom Cruise, Tourist 2 Doug Liman.’ There appears to be a seat available for ‘Tourist 3’, which will more than likely be occupied by a lucky and as yet unnamed twink. So far, there’s no word on why Cruise is going into space with Liman, but if I had to guess I’d say it has something to do with a movie. Cruise and SpaceX teamed up in May to start work on a $200 million movie about NASA, so that’s probably got something to do with it. Either way, Tom Cruise is even more annoying now he’s going into space.

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