Today we present to you the first illustration in our new Holiday series with artist Todd Francis. Each month, we’ll highlight one weird holiday you didn’t know was a holiday, but should ask your boss to take off from work anyway. Today is International Save the Elephant Day, and to celebrate, Todd has drawn us a terrifying picture of a family of elephants dodging bullets. Poor guys. Not only do they have to stop drinking for 22 months (that’s how long a female elephant’s up the duff for), they live their life in perpetual fear of being detusked by poachers (aka humans with tiny dicks). What’s even more unjust about the situation is they are the only mammal who can’t jump. Word has it there’s only 30,000 elephants left in the world, which is obviously a distressing statistic we should address at once. You can start by donating to the aptly titled Save The Elephants charity, and stop playing pool. Every time you tap a billiard ball with a stick, you’re nudging the bone of a Babar family member.

In an exciting update, this happened to an Ivory Poacher today.

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