If We Die Tomorrow


Whose dream isn’t to party naked and run around with friends while playing house with nature?

Photographer Tim Swallow’s latest series, If We Die Tomorrow, takes that very scenario and turns it into a reality. Stunning landscapes and beautiful bodies litter his photos, capturing the spontaneous energy of Australian youth culture. Fair warning before you continue: this series is a for sure way to make you reevaluate your life and want to quit your job.

monster-children-time-swallow-die-tomorrow-12Photos by Tim Swallow / Interview by Brooke Jaramillo

MC: Your photos are making us all jealous. Are these fun times planned?

TS: It’s about 50/50. Sometimes it’s a concept I’ve had on the simmer, sometimes I just throw it straight in the deep fryer. It’s always organic, spontaneous and yes—fun and delicious.

What’s the craziest naked party story you have for us?

We broke into a car and drove it to the airport so we didn’t miss our flights. That’s already too much information.



What is your inspiration behind this series?

Being young and free and exploring Australia with my rat bag mates. My older sister Shell has two daughters—my nieces, Sinead (4) and Niamh (2). They are forever doing nudie runs, anytime, anywhere. I was like, “At what age is it not ok for you to do that anymore?” Cause right now we are all losing it laughing watching these two girls have the time of their lives.

The whole concept of the series is so inspiring. Do you have any advice for people to help them live their lives more in the moment?

“If you died tomorrow, did you live today?”



What do we have to look forward to for the upcoming year?

Myself and D.O.P Ed Triglone are releasing more music videos, short films and various mini series’ via timswallow.com and our production company, The Lagoon Collective.

Can we hang out?

Sure, do you like to party?









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