Thurston Moore is Selling His Record Collection!

In a move that has this correspondent scratching his gorgeous head and saying, ‘How come?’ Thurston Moore is selling a chunk of his record collection.

The World Of Echo record store in London is selling off more than 300 records from the Sonic Youth guitar slinger’s personal collection and, according to a post on the WOE Instagram account, the records will come from a ‘broad range of genres, spanning multiple variants of jazz, noise, hardcore, black metal, ethnographic, punk and post-punk, no-wave, krautrock, ambient, electronic and the avant-garde.’ They also mentioned that quite a few of the records are super-collectible and rarer than frog rollerskates.

Tomorrow (September 21) Moore is releasing Spirit Counsel, a 3xCD box set of instrumental pieces, and the big record sale (which commences October 5 and will more than likely end October 5) coincides with the start of the tour he’s doing to promote the 3xCD box set I mentioned in the sentence before this one. Here’s my favorite song by Thurston Moore.


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