Thomas Campbell’s Spirits in Spacesuits

Spirits in Spacesuits is an exhibition of new ceramic works in ceramic, painted, sewn and silkscreened multimedia pieces by longtime friend of the mag Thomas Campbell.

According to TC, the new works explore the idea of infinity: ‘Whiffing at the ideas of psychically battered lifetimes and the next voyage in transcendence from our earthly vessels to the completely unknown possible futures. The embracing of true not-knowing. And the excitement in the possibilities,’ he says in his artist statement. The show opens on April 16 and runs from April 17 to May 29… In Denmark. You gotta go to Denmark. If you’re already in Denmark, you can catch a bus to Eighteen Gallery, Slagtehusgade 18c Kødbyen 1711 Copenhagen and check out the show.

If you’ve just come out of a twenty-odd year coma, Thomas Campbell is a self-taught painter, sculptor, photographer and filmmaker. He splits his time between his painting/sculpture/stuff-making studio in Bonny Doon, California (not to be mistaken for the other famous Bonnie Doon) and travelling the world making films. He has exhibited in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Denmark, The Netherlands, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Morocco, and in 1999, he completed his first feature-length surfing film, The Seedling. Five years later he released his second surf film, Sprout, and in 2009 he completed The Present. He also made a skate film recently called Ye Olde Destruction, which is worth a look, too, if you missed it. Thomas is the boss at UM YEAH ARTS which is a nexus for the making of books, music and films, and he is a nice bloke.

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