This Bot Will Roast Your Taste in Music

If you shared your unsolicited ‘great’ music taste with the world via Spotify Unwrapped last year, this is gonna hurt.

Judge My Spotify is the antidote to the confidence bolstering, pat on the backs from Spotify’s annual Unwrapped—instead of being congratulated on your music taste, they roast the shit out of it. Created by digital co. The Pudding, Judge My Spotify is described as ‘sophisticated A.I’ that ‘judges your awful taste in music’, and yeah, my ego’s feeling more bruised than a summer fruit right now.

All you have to do is login to your Spotify via the site, giving them access to your library and listening habits, and Judge My Spotify will be back momentarily to spit out their findings on how basic your music taste is. And while the rational brain knows that this site is an auto-generated bot that exists to be more judgemental than a Williamsburg record store employee … damn, is my taste really 19% basic? If bots could smirk, then this one would.

Having a bot describe my taste as soft-boi-mom-and-dads-date-night-masters-in-creative-writing bad? Crushing. Being told my music taste is stuck in the early 2010s of ‘Obama-era jams’? Well, alright, accurate.

Anyways, I’m going to go listen to Innerspeaker. you’ve probably never heard of it. Head along to Judge Your Spotify if you feel like having your already shaky sense of self decimated.

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