The Week’s Best Skate Clips

Ahoy-hoy, mates, and welcome back to the ol’ skate column, Vandals, Posers, Athletes.

‘Woohoo! Today, this is the greatest place on earth!’ said some guy with a healthy-looking neck-beard at the Dime Street Challenge in Montreal. And I believed him. I wasn’t there, but judging by the clip, it really looked like a fun day to be a skateboarder. In the tradition of Dime’s infamous Glory Challenges, a whole bunch of pros and random local skaters took it to the streets and reminded us how skateboarding can be funny, stupid and ridiculously dangerous all at the same time. Think classic dance tunes, lots of yelling into microphones, the obligatory speed-dealer sunnies, and ridiculous amounts of hype.

Reynolds was there in his new Vans, Mark Suciu was quick-footed as fuck and Ryan Decenzo kickflipped the biggest set. Mason Silva got busy on all the obstacles, T-Funk had the dance moves and even Shane O’Neill got involved, wearing speedies and powersliding into a group of innocent bystanders’ shins. Then there was that ‘unknown’ guy dressed as a pirate who made a valiant but ultimately painful attempt at ollieing the sixteen stair. And Wrecking Ball even punched a harmless foam cutout, just to show he could. As promised, it was a welcome relief from any and all symptoms of seriousness that might have been injected into skateboarding by corporations, governing bodies or other cunts.

Dime Street Challenge

As I said, it was a big, riotous public skate jam on a bunch of street features over in Montreal, Canada. I think my favourite bit was when a dude named Pif rolled away from a frontside noseslide on the Hubba and the security lady gave him a nice little pat on the back. Those friendly Canadians eh?

Mark Suciu’s Verso

Mark Suciu’s new part will probably go down in history as one of the best of the era. That might seem like a big call, but with four songs, spanning 11 and a-half minutes, multiple NBDs at some of the most iconic New York spots, and a wildly diverse trick selection, this is a damn proper skate part. I think it was around the three-minute mark, when the opening title ‘Verso’ came up, that I realised how long and epic it was going to be. In Suciu’s Thrasher interview, he was asked if this was going to be his Magnum Opus (Latin for masterpiece). He asked the interviewer, ‘Is a Magnum Opus only once in your career?’ The interviewer said he believed it was, and Suciu said, ‘Well, I don’t want that.’ Good for you, Suciu, keep the fire burning. As you may have noticed in the YouTube comments, a lot of people are throwing ‘SOTY 2019’ around already, but the year ain’t over yet.

adidas’ Law of the Seas

Nice to see the Japanese and Australian iterations of the adidas team come together in Sydney for some cutty street skateboarding, bonding and beers. From what I could gather, this trip was led by Silas Baxter Neal, Dennis Durrant and Shin Sanbongi, who are the international adidas guys, then Justice Reid, Jae Overton, Brad Saunders, Billy Lukins, Tom Snape, Phil Marshall, Gary Almeida, Levi Jarvis, Vanessa Miles, Adam Davies, and Sean Parker make up the Australian team. And the Japanese team is Hiroki Muraoka, Issey Kumatani, Kento Yoshioka, Laurence Keefe, Yoshiaki Toeda and Kai Kishi. Such a wide array of skateboarders brings diversity to this edit, with each skater taking a different approach to Sydney’s spots. Between the acid jazz, top quality filming and titles to tell you who’s who (a welcome rarity these days), this 8-minute edit came out real strong.

Toy Machine’s Programming Injection

The other day I interviewed Don Luong, who filmed and edited the newest Toy Machine video, Programming Injection, which is premiering around the US at the moment and will be released online very soon (hopefully I’ll be able to chuck it in the next column). Don has made a bunch of full-length videos over the course of his career, including the last two Foundation videos, Oddity and Souvenir. Programming Injection will feature full parts from Collin Provost, Jeremy Leabres, Leo Romero, CJ Collins, Axel Cruysberghs, Blake Carpenter, Dan Lutheran, plus some tricks from the OGs: Ed Templeton, Josh Harmony, Billy Marks and Matt Bennett. For the low down on what to expect from each skater and a bit of insight on what it’s like to work for Ed Templeton, scope the interview with Don over here.

Mike Nolan’s Long Weekend – Quarter Pipe

I’m just going to leave this here and end this thing. I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. Until next time, mates.

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