The Wacky World Of Celebrity Sex Toys

Lily Allen is best known as the foul-mouthed singer behind smash hits ‘Smile’ and ‘Fuck You,’ but the recently married entertainer has turned her attention to a new venture: sex toys.

Over the weekend Allen launched her very first vibrator, the Liberty. Joining forces with German sex tech company Womanizer, the innovate pleasure device is the latest in a long line of sex toys engineered for the modern woman who wants a vibrator that is also aesthetically appealing. Speaking about the release Allen said, ‘I hope that this collaboration will lead to people feeling that they can talk more freely about masturbation, and if somebody like me can talk openly about it without shame then they might feel inclined to try it out for themselves—a whole new world awaits.’ Of course, Allen isn’t the first celebrity to get involved in the adult sex toy business…

Gwyneth Paltrow’s $5K Gold Vibrator

For someone like Gwyneth Paltrow, money is never going to be a problem, so when the actress turned controversial lifestyle guru told her millions of followers her favourite sex toy was a 24-carat gold vibrator worth a staggering US$15,000, she copped a bit of flack. Wishing to save face, Paltrow teamed up with the vibrator’s maker Lelo for a more reasonably priced version she could sell through her wellness brand goop. The end product is the INEZ, a larger, wider gold plated vibrator with the much cheaper price tag of just $5K.

Lady Gaga Condoms

Never one to conform (she did wear a dress made out of meat to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards), nobody batted an eye when Lady Gaga announced she was releasing a limited range of condoms. Teaming with contraceptive brand Proper Attire and Moschino designer Jeremy Scott, the collection of colourful rubbers (orange, green and pink animal prints) came sheer, ribbed and studded for ‘extra pleasure.’ The best thing about these prophylactics is all the proceeds from the sales went towards Planned Parenthood, so not only were users practising safe sex, but they were bonking for charity too.

Dave Stewart’s $1,500 Silver Vibrator

Dave Stewart needs a new marketing team. For some reason, The Eurhythmic decided to release his 2008 single, ‘Let’s Do It Again,’ as a free download when you purchased a ‘Little Something’ vibrator. Released as part of a collaboration between high-end sex toy company Jimmyjane and Stewart’s fashion brand Rock Fabulous, the diamond-encrusted vibrator contains the chorus to the single scribbled on the toy’s surface so you can sing along. Described as ‘a multi-faced mash-up of design, luxury, sex, and music,’ this is more of a cringe-worthy cash grab (it retailed for a crisp US$1,500) by an out-of-touch Eurhythmic.

Farrah Abraham’s Sex Doll

Rising to fame after starring on reality television series 16 And Pregnant, Farrah Abraham wasn’t ready to give up her 15 minutes of fame. She quickly signed on for long-running spin-off Teen Mum, released a critically-savaged album, wrote a memoir, and took part in Big Brother. Like any self-respecting reality TV star, when things got tough, Abraham turned to porn. Along with starring in a number of adult films for Vivid Entertainment, she teamed with Topco Sales for an array of sex toys, including a fleshlight and life-size inflatable doll. Classy.

The Official Tenacious D Cumrag

Tenacious D’s Cumrag is arguably the most disgusting piece of band merch ever made.  The towel features a graphic of a unicorn, two butterflies, sunflower and a rainbow and includes the caption, ‘Everything else is just a cum rag.’ Although the band no longer sells the item, dedicated fans can pick one up via creators Kung Fu Merch, where the description reads, ‘This is the same size as a golf towel but this isn’t a gold towel, it’s a cum rag, THE Cum Rag. Could there be a better gift?’ Mmm… Probably.

Rammstein Dildos

For over 25 years Rammstein has been creating insane music. Their lyrics are sexually explicit, their live shows feature a cock cannon that shoots foam onto the audience and many of their music video clips contain nudity and, in the case of ‘Pussy,’ actual sex. The German act is so enthusiastic about sex they even released their own selection of pink dildos. Packaged with a special edition of their record, Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da, the various shaped dildos came in a non-descript metal case with a bottle of lube and handcuffs. Each of the six dildos is modelled on a band member’s penis. Really.


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