The Virtues of Joining the ‘Cult of Freedom’

Photos by Rambo Estrada, 35mm by Globe Team

Globe’s third installment of surfing’s favourite web series, Cult of Freedom, is a timely reminder to stop lurking the ‘gram and to start living.

“If you stare at your news feed or Instagram too long you can get overwhelmed with fear or bad news and forget what’s really out here,” director/cult leader Joe G narrates over images of Globe team riders Dion Agius, Creed McTaggart and Nate Tyler, traversing across picturesque New Zealand scenes infested with vivid greens and bountiful natural splendour in pursuit of the cloud nine of surf… however long and white it may be.

Real life wanderlust, no hashtag or mildly orange-skinned influencer in sight.

And whilst our surfing sect copped their fair share of wind and rain (this is New Zealand after all), the team managed to stumble upon a few out-of-the-way spots delivering fun conditions against a dreamlike backdrop. Cult of Freedom – The New Zealand Part possesses all of the fun-loving nature and required surf viewing we’ve come to love and expect from a Globe/Joe G collab. And as per usual, the combined surf efforts of Creed, Nate and Dion are as hot as the sleeves of the latter’s rubber (cue 7:08).

Pyrometer rising. Mr Agius emitting above average temperatures on a commonly frigid NZ beachy.

Cult of Freedom continues to show us that the world is a big and beautiful place, however, in the current state of affairs, it’s easier to get lost in our search feeds than it is to get lost in the big ol’ world. “Whatever you do, don’t let the ugliness scare you into a corner,” says Joe.

Let Cult of Freedom inspire your next junket (parts I & II below), then put the mobile down for a couple of hours.

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