The Sydney Cafe Making Super Okay Coffee

Photos by Maclay Heriot 

The list of things we’re looking forward to in post-lockdown Sydney is endless.

Drinks with friends inside a house. Never hearing the word ‘picnic’ again. An ice-cold schooner at the pub on a Friday afternoon. And kicking our feet up at one of our favourites cafes for a have here coffee. It’s the little things.

And one of the first places we’ll be heading is Super Okay Coffee, the kind of place that can get away with such a name because it’s above and beyond just okay. Okay Coffee is a collaboration between founders Aaron and Bo, a roaster and a brewer who teamed up to create a cafe-meets-bike-shop in a Brookvale warehouse space on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Flooded with natural light, sunny corners to flick through a mag, tasty jaffles and brew-slinging from dawn till… early afternoon, Okay knows how to make a simple morning coffee an experience. And being sticklers for quality, the crew at Super knows that crappy coffee beans will mess with a coffee just as much as subpar milk.

That’s why they’ve jumped aboard the MILKLAB Oat train; a plant-based milk that’s been greenlit by all the baristas we trust to make us a decent coffee. If you’ve seen oat milk popping up in more and more cafes across Australia recently, there’s a very good reason for that. While almond and coconut and soy all the rest of the noble plant-based milks do their best, oat milk is the closest you can get to the real deal—and MILKLAB Oat is the pick of the bunch.

Dairy-free, twice the fibre of dairy milk, cholesterol-free, no added sugar and made with 100% Australian oats, MILKLAB Oat is the god tier option—just look at how creamy that cap looks. That cup of joe is giving us (the good kind of) heart palpitations just looking at it, and it’s not just because we haven’t set foot in a cafe in months.

Ask your barista for MILKLAB Oat for your next morning coffee and you’ll never turn back. Find it at Super Okay Coffee at 11 Mitchell Rd, Brookvale, or anywhere they’re serving up coffee worth drinking.

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