The Photo Comp Shortlist for ‘Lifestyle’ is Here!

Our top 10 Lifestyle entries of the 2022 MC Photo Comp are here!

We’ll be keeping our cards close to our chest until the winners reveal next month, but we can tell you that in the mix below you’ll find four finalists and one winner—can you pick ‘em? Special thanks to our generous category sponsor Sun Bum, and of course, guest judge Cheryl Dunn for combing through all your entries and helping us land on a winner. Check out our Lifestyle shortlist below, have a peek at Shot on Mobile, Skate, and Music shortlists while you’re at it, and stay tuned for the rest of our category shortlist reveals on the way.

Christian Lukasik @kino__oko

Karabo Mooki @mookimooks

Keilani Snyder @ponzu.mommy

Jacob Wallwork @jay__doubleyou

Lewis Taylor @lewisataylor

Kabir Dugal @ksd_42

Giacomo Cosua @giacomo_cosua

Melissah Shahparnia @melissahlouise

Morgan Rudolph @mqrgs

Matthew Bagley @petrichor.mb

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