The Monster Children Photo Comp is Now Open for Entries!

The 2022 Monster Children Photo Comp is on again!

Isn’t that just the weirdest? Seems like it was only 12 months ago we held the 2021 Photo Comp, and now here we are again for the 12th year running, giving away a big suitcase full of cash to some lucky little shutterbugs.

As you’d know, each year we like to shake things up a little, so be sure to read carefully so you know what’s up, and you don’t accidentally submit a still-life photo of an earthen jug (there is no still-life category). For more information and jug jokes, keep scrolling. Otherwise, ENTER HERE!

This year we’re giving away $30,000 over six categories, and goddamn it if we don’t have a very special guest judge. We can’t tell you who it is yet, but we can tell you they are very well respected in the photography world, and they may or may not be doing their adjudication from beyond the grave via a psychic medium we found on Etsy. Spoiler: it’s Ansel Adams. Not really. The special guest judge is a living and breathing photographer and we’ve decided to tease this one out to drive you mental with curiosity. Watch this space.

So, that’s $30,000 and a special guest judge who will be making the call on the six categories. The categories are as follows:

The comp starts today, Thursday, October 6th, and ends on Sunday, October 30th.

You gotta be in it to win it, and if you don’t try—you’ve already lost. Imagine deciding to lose. That’d be lame. GOOD LUCK!


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