The Magda Experience: Outtakes

Issue #42‘s US fashion editorial was shot by Polish-native photographer, Magdalena Wosinska in the snowy mountains of California and on some roads along the way. Her stripped-down models, Molly Steele and Lexi Stellwood, looked like they were having so much fun that Magda ditched her clothes as well and joined in. Here she describes the day:

It started with the confusion of fog as we drove up the 2 North towards the crest, ready for adventure. Three close friends and a newcomer all sat sleepy in the car, waiting to face the day and see what would come of it. As we drove into the mountains and gossiped about boys, the light started shifting from fog to clouds to sunny patches. This was our reason for why we stopped where we did to shoot, watching the light roll by.

In total, we drove through the crest for about seven hours, from one end and back. We explored the icy winds of a snow-filled mountain to a warm summer breeze just around the bend. It was a fun day being able to recreate something with my friends that I already have been working on as a series. That’s why we chose the name, The Experience; there’s a lot more where that came from. Hope you enjoy it.

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