The Jungle Bowl

Photos and Words by Piotr Drzastwa

Poland has a beauty that compares to no other country, and I’m not just saying that because I’m Polish.

It’s not merely a sad concrete urbania, and while no, it doesn’t have the waves of Australia or the snow-topped mountains of Austria, my country has a beauty that cannot be simulated, especially if you know where to look. I was texting with my mate Janek a few weekends ago, and it turns out he knew of a spot unlike any other in the world, just outside of Warsaw, that left me completely awestruck: a private, perfect bowl, completely hidden by the jungle.


Janek works with the Polish division of Globe brand, and said he knew the guy who owns the property that the spot is on. He wanted to take me there, and it ended up being one of the raddest Sundays ever. You walk up to the property and it looks like just…jungle. I couldn’t tell that a human being had ever been there, let alone that it played host to this incredible spot. But when the gate opened, I couldn’t believe my eyes. A narrow path led us through a huge, overgrown garden. In the middle sat this flawless, drained bowl. I felt like I’d walked onto a hidden treasure that was placed there just for me and my friends. The Jungle Bowl.

There were a bunch of dudes from PALTO—a Polish lifestyle and clothing brand, self-proclaimed “drug war veterans” whose name comes from Polish slang for “smoke it”—skating when I got there. The bowl is a functional swimming pool that the owner keeps full all summer and drains for skating the rest of the year. I have no idea how long its been there, but the house on the property was massive and seemed very, very old and worn-down. I imagined some Lost Generation American writer in exile living there, pipe in mouth, rattling away at a typewriter on some tome about a man at war, or an epic about a leviathan.

Some dudes were skating, other were just relaxing, enjoy the day, and passing around silver platters of pre-rolled joints filled with killer weed. It was a perfect day. No pretension, no professionals working on the next big part, just as fun of a time as I’ve had, with great people and great weed, surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever known to exist. The day was surreal and the recollection feels more like a dream to me than reality.

Thanks to PALTO for sharing their secret jungle, and to Globe for days like these!




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