Alexis Sablone Reimagines a CONS Classic for Pride Month

Artist, designer and skateboarder Alexis Sablone has rebuilt the JP Pro Mid just in time for Pride 2021.

That’s Alexis in the pictures, and those little white things covering her feet are the new AS JP Pro Mids. How cool does her studio look? Makes you wish you were an artist instead of a typewriter tickler… Anyway, the JP Pro Mid—a CONS classic (Jack Purcell, duh)—just happens to be Alexis’ favourite shoe, but now she’s made a bunch of alterations to it and it is officially her favourite favourite shoe.

If I can drop the sales pitch tone for a second, the AS JP Pro Mid actually looks pretty rad. She’s rebuilt the whole thing from the ground up, with key features that celebrate the LBGTQIA+ community within the skate world. Scroll past these two photos of Alexis rocking her new shoes in her cozy-looking studio, and we’ll get into the specs…

Hey, thanks for joining me on the other side of those two photos. So, the AS JP Pro Mid specs. What are they and are they any good? Yes, they are good, and this is them: Elastic straps to lock the tongue in place; custom heel, tongue and license plate details (zoom in on the tongue, pretty cool); rubber ollie overlay; a moulded CX foam footbed (comfy), and a traction rubber outsole. Nice. Here’s a photo of Alexis writing in her diary. ‘Dear diary,’ she’s probably writing, ‘My new AS JP Pro Mid totally kicks ass. Also, my studio is cool as fuck and everyone wishes they had one.’

Anyhoo, get your hands on a pair of these bitchin’ kicks at

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