The Good News Fryday

It’s Friday and I really, really, really want to go to the pub.

I haven’t had a beer since January 1st. I started backing off the booze in 2019 because the weekly hangover was interfering with my morning run (I run, deal with it) and then I just made the decision to go sober for a while in 2020. I didn’t put a time limit on it or anything. I just thought, ‘I’ll have a drink when I feel like a drink,’ and because I didn’t feel like a drink, I didn’t. But now it’s Friday on week three of self-isolation and I would really, really, really like to go down the Cricketer’s Arms and tie one on with my ol’ mate Griffo, aka @contemporaryary from Instagram. Actually, let’s see what he’s been up to… IN TODAY’S INSTALMENT OF THE GOOD NEWS!

Turns out, Griffo@contemporaryary—has been very busy making weird shit for the internet. Did you know he’s a respected artist? He is. Art people know who he is and everything. But these days he’s also a meme wizard, creating bizarre videos like the one below. Miss ya, Griffo. Keep it comin’ with the red-hot bullshit.


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Internal monologue

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In other Good News, SEVEN new species of Peacock Spider have just been discovered. How nuts is that? Seven! Peacock spiders are native to Australia and super-interesting and cute. They have colorful butts and there own individual little dance routines they do to attract a mate. They’re amazing. And there’s seven new varieties! That’s amazing news.

More Good News: Oscar McMahon from Young Henrys (who are doing home delivery, by the way) accidentally became the best book reviewer in the world today when he sent me this email.

In other incredibly Good News, I’m on the final episode of that Netflix series people stopped talking about last week (Tiger King) and I think I know how it ends: the dude sponsored by Affliction and his spooky mate with the teardrop tattoo were actually hired to kill Carol Baskin’s husband back in the day, and she solicited them again to frame Joe Exotic. Please tell me that’s how it ends. Or is it just a massive fucking trainwreck with no twist? I think the biggest mystery is how someone with a speaking voice that sounds like they’re being strangled can sing like Garth Brooks. Also, people are really going for it with the coronavirus tattoos… It’s like a thing.

 Today’s final bit of Good News: my all-time favorite movie, Withnail and I, is streaming free on SBS On Demand this month. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched Withnail. It must be close to one-hundred times. Maybe more. It’s terrific. Richard E. Grant (who plays ‘Withnail’) has recently started throwing classic Withnail quotes out on Instagram, which is actually pretty cool when you consider Withnail and I was his first feature and, because his characterization of Withnail was so brilliant, it was difficult for him to be cast in other films. He was Withnail. And yet he’s as enamored of the film as any other fan. Anyway, that’s the Good News. See you Sunday. x Crom.

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