Master of the short story, JD Salinger, enjoying a durrie and a rare smile.

The Furphy Literary Award Short Story Competition

How would you like to get free money making stuff up?

That’s what writing is, making stuff up. You just think the stuff, convert it to words and then type it into your computer. I’m doing it right now. Everything you just read appeared first in my brain. Now it’s inside your brain. Weird isn’t it? So, why doesn’t everyone write for a living if it’s that easy? Ah, that’s the catch—the words you convert your thoughts into must create pleasurable feelings for the reader. These words now are vaguely pleasurable because I’m just arrogant enough to think they are, but a panel of judges would set me straight and I’d scurry home with my tail between my legs, vowing to never write another word. You though, you’d never do that—you’re a frickin’ genius!

And that’s why I think you should enter The 2021 Furphy Literary Award Short Story Competition. Stop being so modest; you’re a bloody shoo-in and you know it. Your short story about the fox that finds a magic pineapple is absolutely brilliant and you have to enter it into the competition. Here’s what you’ll win:

First place wins $15,000 and a La Trobe University Residency. Second place $3,000. Third place $2,000. Selected finalists will receive publication in the 2021 Furphy Anthology. 

This year’s theme is ‘Australian Life (in all its diversity)’. The competition welcomes fiction and non-fiction entries under 5,000 words from writers aged 18+. Entries close 30 April 2021. Good luck!

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