The Dime Glory Challenge

Dime and Vans team up to bring back the most glorious event in skateboarding.

For one special weekend every year, Dime puts on the Glory Challenge, bringing together 50 of the best skateboarders of all time to test their skills on increasingly terrifying obstacles: the slickest ledges, the steepest banks, and the wall-est walls of all time. Like ancient Roman gladiators fighting and dying for the right to be remembered, these legends go fast, hard, and—God willing—switch.

Only a global pandemic could put a hold on such an event, and it did. The Glory Challenge has taken a couple of years off—plotting and scheming. This year, on September 17, 2022, she returns. We spoke to some Glory Challenge participants from the past, present, and future to learn exactly what it’s like to fly so close to the sun.

What makes the Challenge so Glorious?

Dennis Busenitz: The fireworks are glorious and then it is put on the internet where glory never dies.

Louie Lopez: Good time no pressure contest that mostly is funny to see what kind of crazy obstacles and hi jinx they come up with.

Mark Suciu: Because making up meaningless challenges as an excuse to have fun is a glorious thing.

Jamal Smith: Two words: Joe Valdez. One of the most slept-on innovators in skateboarding.

What are you most excited about for this year?

Dennis Busenitz: I’m excited about seeing the new challenges and enjoying some techno beats.

Mark Suciu: The volcano definitely. Hoping there’s real lava.

Jamal Smith: Hearing those special words: ‘MONTREAL! THAT! WAS! SWITCH!’

What has been the best obstacle so far?

Dennis Busenitz: I wasn’t there for it but I liked the high drop in off the pyramid into the bank obstacle that Kader won. It’s great when you can incorporate ancient Egypt into a contest.

Mark Suciu: The taildrop challenge was the most fried and impressive to me.

Louie Lopez: It was simple but there was a kicker into a hill bomb that I remember being very fun. The good glory ride!

Jamal Smith: Definitely the American Gladiator-style platform. Perfect amount of violence, athleticism, and skateboarding.

What has been the scariest thing at the Challenge so far?

Dennis Busenitz: The scariest one to me was by far the Joe Valdez challenge where you gapped to a skinny ledge. Hanging up on a big gap is shit anyway but then when you have to eat it on a skinny ledge that’s brutal.

Mark Suciu: I got scared watching clips of the longest wallride. The scariest one I skated was the hubba at Olympic Stadium.

Louie Lopez: Probably when they had a contest on that fat hubba/set that was pretty nuts.

Jamal Smith: To watch: Kader tail dropping off of a pyramid. To participate: arm wrestling Wade Desarmo.

What scares you in life/has been the scariest thing in life so far?

Dennis Busenitz: Car accident.

Jamal Smith: Riding an angry ass unicorn at the last Glory Challenge.

Mark Suciu: Getting a tube shoved in my nose all the way to my stomach.

Louie Lopez: Shitting my pants.

What are you expecting from the Game of Skate (champion Alexis Sablone vs champion Breana Gerring)?

Dennis Busenitz: No idea. Not sure how they can top the helicopter entrance.

Mark Suciu: Quick flick and fakie big flips.

Jamal Smith: Hopefully no fakie 360 shuvits.

What do you think they should implement in the years to come?

Dennis Busenitz: That’s a tough one. I feel like they covered all the low-hanging fruit already. Might be time for the mega ramp. Mega ramp roll into the longest roll on grind.

Mark Suciu: I’d like to see them take one of those cradle-loops and progressively make it steeper until it becomes a real loop. Then they can take out the roof for an upside-down ride on grind. Then end it with a loop that’s just a rail.

Jamal Smith: I wanna see a modeling contest. Or, like, who has the best runway walk. Winner gets a year’s worth of pizza bagels.


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