The Dime Glory Challenge 2022

For me, this should be the Olympics. Truly. The Olympics should take a leaf out of these guys’ book because they are onto something by having actual breakable records, like the longest rainbow rail, and the fastest flat ground trick. We could start having real world records to break. It’d be fuckin’ fantastic.

But, then again it would get ruined by a bunch of gold-hungry competition skaters with some soccer mums and skate dads slingshotting them across every skatepark around the world. After all, one of the most honest parts about this event is that they don’t announce winners or prizes—it’s all for the glory, in front of thousands of screaming Canadians.

The seamless engineering and logistics of this event were truly mind-boggling. Everyone in attendance had sore cheeks from laughing and smiling so much. The events just kept rolling over; you could call it the Dime Endurance Challenge. I had so many pictures at the end of the day, I figured we have to break these up and run through this thing in chronological order, beginning with all the Speed Challenges. Brace yourselves for some clogging of the feed.

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