The Chats Recruit Democracy Manifest Hero For New Vid

Aussie bogan punk rockers The Chats are back with another hilarious film clip, this time in support of new single ‘Dine And Dash’.

Known for their love of smokos, pub feeds and mullets, the likeable trio’s latest is a frenetic burst of guitar rock about doing a runner from a restaurant. What makes this music video another classic is the appearance of the legendary Democracy Manifest hero.

Becoming an Internet sensation almost a decade ago, the man known as Paul Charles Dosza was a serial ‘restaurant runner’ thought to have dined and dashed at over 50 restaurants throughout Sydney in the 80s. Flying too close to the sun one day, the freebie-foody found himself in trouble with the law. As he was being led away to an adjacent police car the media filmed him, resulting in one of the funniest viral videos of all time.

As he’s being escorted by a number of officers Dosza protests loudly with a string of hilarious quotes, including ‘Gentleman, this is democracy manifest,’ ‘Get your hands off my penis!’ and ‘What’s the charge, eating a meal? A succulent Chinese meal?’

Despite the success of the video, nobody was able to track down the dine and dash specialist until now. Thought to be a Hungarian chess champion who died in 2003, The Chats claim Dosza is actually a man named Jack K. who lives in Queensland. There’s been a bit of controversy over whether Jack K. is the same man in the video but a spokesman for The Chats said, ‘I can 100 percent confirm he is the original Democracy Manifest guy from the video.’

Whatever his name the Aussie icon shows up at the end of film clip and finds himself once again on the wrong side of the law as he utters the famous line, “Gentleman, this is democracy manifest.”


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