The Best 7 New Songs of the Week

The number 7 has always had a lot of mythology around it.

Growing up, my favourite number was 7 because it was considered the cool number. When I was in high school, I wholeheartedly believed in the Tupac ‘7 Day Theory’. In my twenties, I had no more than $7 in my bank account at all times. And now, here I am in 2019, posting my 7 favourite new songs. Coincidence? Entirely. Sorry for making you believe otherwise. Anyway, here’s the best new music of the week—featuring Frank Ocean, Hanni El Khatib, Miguel, and more.

Frank Ocean – In My Room

Frank Ocean fans are devout believers in every note he puts out. I’ve never fully submerged myself into the ocean of Frank, but this new single might be the one to send me overboard. Also, is anyone else getting a Bone Thugs-N-Harmony vibe to the way he’s rapping here? Whatever’s going on, I’m into it. There’s still no official word on when the much-anticipated follow-up to 2016’s Blonde will drop, but all eyes are on 2020.

FRANK LEONE & Hanni El Khatib – Solid Gold

Here’s something I never knew about LA-based musician Hanni El Khatib: before he ever picked up a guitar, he was making beats in his bedroom on an MPC 2000 & SP-1200. Granted, I just had to Google what an MPC 2000 & SP-1200 were before I understood what this meant, but now I get it. Hanni was making beats! He’s gone back to his roots on this collab with rapper Frank Leone and the past has never sounded so good.

The Raconteurs – Somedays (I Don’t Feel Like Trying)

True story, this may be the first Raconteurs song I have ever listened to from start to finish. I’ve never really been a fan of side projects, particularly if your main one is much better (looking at you, Maynard). But by the sounds of it, I’ve been sleeping on Jack White’s other band, who are known as The Raconteurs everywhere except Australia. Here, we like to call them The Saboteurs, because it’s against the law to do otherwise.

Miguel – Funeral

Just when we thought Miguel couldn’t get any more attractive, he dropped his Spanish-Language EP, Te Lo Dije, earlier this year. And then just as we were cooling down from his bilingual burn, he’s gone and released this new single which is all about the casket I’ll end up in if he keeps doing this to me.

TORRES – Good Scare

Totally captivated by the new single from Mackenzie Scott, the American singer-songwriter who makes music under the moniker TORRES. When talking about the song, Scott likened falling in love with the ‘Superman Crawl’, ‘a maneuver used in spelunking that’s only performed when certain passages are too narrow, so a person has to hold one arm against the body and the other above the head, all while trying to crawl forward.’ Honestly, I tend to agree. TORRES’ fourth album, Silver Tongue, will drop January 31st on Merge Records.

Turnover – Still In Motion

This new track by Virginia Beach band Turnover is the perfect mix of mellow and vibe, kind of like an orange flavoured Mentos. At the beginning of the month, the three-piece released their fourth album, Altogether, and they’ve just followed up with this video to celebrate. Directed by Mason Mercer, ‘Still In Motion’ documents the sunrise to sunset of a working man, and it’s sure to be embraced by lawn-mowing dads the world over.

Elsy Wameyo – Outcast

Kenya-via-Adelaide songwriter Elsy Wameyo released her debut single for the Music in Exile label today, and it is a jam. As for the meaning behind the song, Elsy says, ‘I write this song because I see and feel the pain of being black, just another outcast. I struggle to fit in, but I don’t want to and will not conform. This message is for my black kings and queens. So that you may understand the significance, beauty and richness of your blackness. Don’t you ever forget who you are, where you come from, your culture, your home.’

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