The Australian Gov Will be Publicly Shamed for 10 Minutes in Times Square

This is brilliant.

You may have read recently about Australian comedian Dan Ilic booking billboards in Glasgow to publicly shame Australia’s climate policies at the Cop26 international summit. And now, thanks to generous donations by over 1800 fed up Aussies, he’s booked the biggest billboard in Times Square, New York, to ridicule our government and their piss-weak climate policies on a world stage.

His crowdfunding campaign JokeKeeper: Shaming Australia’s climate inaction, was an overwhelming success—Ilic’s initial target of $12,500 just kept snowballing, and at the time of writing has raised close to $150,000 to pay for billboards not just in Glasgow, but New York, New England, Torquay, Horsham, and more.

One of the planned billboards

The billboard, created by Brisbane artist Nordacious, will feature the picture of a smiling woman holding a koala, with the slogan, ‘Cuddle a koala! (Before we make them extinct!). Limited time offer!’ It will be up on the Godzilla billboard in Times Square for just 10 minutes this Thursday, October 14th at 6:40 pm (EDT).

‘Despite the majority of Australians wanting our government to do more on climate action, Australia, at these climate talks, is enemy number one,’ says Ilic in the crowdfunding video. ‘We lie, we cheat, we make stuff up… the Australian government at these talks basically acts un-Australian.’

‘We managed to get a clause written into the very first climate treaty in Kyoto known as the “Australia clause” which basically allowed Australia to count its emissions on a completely bullshit made-up metric that no other country uses. You know, in Australia, we would call that being a c**t.’

Speaking of… it’s been reported that Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison is still up in the air on whether he’ll be attending one of the most crucial climate summits of our time, though thankfully, he has managed to find the time to post some of his curries on Instagram. Won’t need extra heat in that chicken curry if we’re all going up in flames anyway, hey Scotty?


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So, if you live in the Tri-State area and are sick of being misrepresented on the world stage by these lying, greenwashing morons, get down to Times Square this Thursday evening for those of us who can’t.

Godzilla Billboard: Broadway between 45th and 46th street.
18:40 – 18:55, THURSDAY 14th October. More info at the Facebook group event here.

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