The 6 Weirdest Music Conspiracies

The music industry is full of debaucherous tales concerning rock stars indulging in strange sexual practices while taking copious amounts of drugs and generally being batshit crazy.

It’s also the source of a host of weird and wonderful conspiracies involving some of the biggest artists and acts in the world. Over the years, musicians have been the subject of many tall tales that are even harder to swallow than the moon landing being faked or reptilians ruling the world. From Paul McCartney being dead to Jay-Z being a time-traveling vampire, here are six of the strangest.

Stevie Wonder is not blind…

This might sound like an outrageous claim, but when you check out the footage below, you’ll no doubt change your mind on old mate ‘Superstitious.’ Rumours of Stevie Wonder faking his blindness have been doing the rounds for years, but they really ramped up during 2010 when Wonder casually caught a mic stand Paul McCartney had knocked over during their performance at the White House. Watching the clip it’s clear to see Wonder even looks towards the mic as it falls, adding more fuel to the fire of this well-known conspiracy. The proof is in the pudding.

Paul McCartney is dead…

Speaking of the former Beatle, another long-standing conspiracy concerns the death of Paul McCartney. The theory goes McCartney was killed in a car accident and hastily replaced with a double to keep the Beatles hit machine going. As far-fetched as it sounds, the Beatles have apparently dropped hints about Paul’s death in their music over the years. The cover photo of Abbey Road is meant to depict McCartney’s funeral parade, a car accident is referenced in ‘A Day In The Life’ and John Lennon allegedly says ‘I buried Paul’ during the final part of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever.’ McCartney has been forced to deny the conspiracy for over 50 years, claiming it’s a hoax started by crazed fans. But he would say that, wouldn’t he?

…but Elvis is alive

There have been hundreds of sightings of Elvis Presley since his death in 1977, many spearheaded by a community of people known as ‘Alivers’. These people believe the pop legend faked his own demise to escape media scrutiny and is living a simple life somewhere in the heart of America. There’s a whole bunch of ‘evidence’ proving this theory: his tombstone in Graceland being misspelled (obviously means he’s alive), a wax dummy replacing the body in his casket, nobody cashing out his multi-million dollar life insurance policy, and the fact his autopsy was placed under a 50-year seal—meaning we have to wait another seven years until the truth is revealed. The King was also rumoured to be a federal agent forced into witness protection, either that or he’s living the rest of his life out at a nursing home battling an undead Mummy.

Jimi Hendrix was murdered, of course…

Jimi Hendrix’s death has always been shrouded in mystery. Not only was he found in the hotel room of a woman he barely knew, but his cause of death—choking on his own vomit due to a drug overdose—was never officially confirmed by the coroner. Most people believe it was an accidental overdose that took his life until Hendrix’s roadie, James ‘Tappy’ Wright, revealed in his book, Rock Roadie, Hendrix’s manager, Michael Jeffery, was behind the entire affair. Jeffery allegedly confessed his part in Hendrix’s death to Tappy two years before his death in a plane accident. Fearing Hendrix was about to sack him, Jeffery forced pills and alcohol down Hendrix’s throat on the night of his death so he could claim the $2 million life insurance policy. While we will never know if this is the truth, everyone can agree Hendrix’s death was premature and the guitar legend having much more to offer.

…and the C.I.A. killed Bob Marley.

Bob Marley passed away in 1981 from cancer, but if you believe conspiracy nuts, he was murdered by the C.I.A. Upset with the Rastafarian’s message of peace and love, the C.I.A. wanted to take out Marley and did so by poisoning him. It’s claimed Marley suffered a toe injury playing football that led to the discovery of the cancer that killed him, but this theory purports William Colby, the son of the head of the C.I.A., gave the ‘Is This Love’ singer a pair of football boots containing poison. This is said to have been the cause of his foot injury, with the slow-acting poison causing the cancer that slowly killed Marley.

Jay-Z is a time traveling vampire. Duh.

New York rapper Jay-Z has been the centre of a bunch of different conspiracy theories over the years. Many believe he is part of the Illuminati, due to his lyrical references and use of the society’s symbols (he’s always flashing the diamond with his hands), but others think he’s actually a time-traveling vampire. A photo taken of a man in Harlem in 1936 is a spitting image of Hov, so of course, the Internet decided it must be him, and labeled the Jigga Man an undead time traveller. Another wild theory suggests Nicki Minaj is actually Jay’s vocals sped up, which is literally as ludicrous as it sounds. It’s more likely Jay-Z did a deal with the devil, trading his soul for success, just like James Brown. Or he just worked really hard.


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