That Garfield Vs Popeye Karate Fight Thing

You may or may not remember (I’m gonna go with may not) a couple of weeks ago we had Chris Pontius announce a drawing competition.

It was pretty silly. We said we’d hacked into your computer and recorded you having a private moment and were going to share the video of that private moment with all your contacts unless you sent in a drawing of Garfield and Popeye having a karate fight. Literally the stupidest thing anyone ever came up with and we didn’t expect anyone to send anything. But they did. Two people did.

Brutal genius from the mystery artist who may or may not be in Brisbane or something.

One guy named Joel Walker, and someone else who didn’t leave a name or even a return address on their envelope. We think the mystery artists might be from Queensland, though, because the Popeye in their drawing is brandishing a broken XXXX beer bottle… Which should disqualify the drawing from the competition (there are no broken bottles in a karate fight), but since they went to the effort of drawing a picture in the first place (and colouring it in!), they still get a prize, provided we find out who they are. Joel will definitely be getting a prize. He even drew his picture in pencil first to get it to a good place before finishing it in biro! Nice one, Joel. Meanwhile, who is the mystery artist? For a chance to win a prize, drawing a picture of what you think the mystery artist looks like (extra points if they are naked on rollerskates and wearing a sombrero) and send it to:

Crom c/o Monster Children. 6 Australia St. Camperdown, NSW 2050. Australia.

A for effort. Joel Walker.


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