This Takashi Murakami and Pharrell Sculpture is Worth Shit Tons

Photos: Christie’s Auction House

I don’t think many millionaires regularly tune in to Monster Children, but if you’re out there, here’s something that might interest your wallet.

Contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami’s work, The Simple Things, is about to be auctioned off at Christie’s Hong Kong, and it’s estimated to snag somewhere around $3.8 million USD. I don’t even want to do the math on what that is in Australian Dollars. The seven objects that feature inside the mouth of Murakami’s character, Mr. DOB, were handpicked by Pharrell, but that’s not the only reason why the price tag is so high.

Pharell’s seven most used daily items—which include ketchup, Doritos, sneakers, a can of Pepsi, a cupcake, a Trojan condom and Johnson’s baby lotion—are fashioned out of 6,000 diamonds, precious gems and gold, and lit by 14 spotlights. While it’s interesting that this metaphor and use of precious materials elevates everyday objects to a new level of significance, what’s perhaps more interesting is the fact that Pharell has just unlocked his secrets to not ageing in the last 20 years: eat like crap, stay moisturised, and get down and dirty every single day with your sneakers on. It’s really that easy.

The Simple Things will be auctioned off later this month at Christie’s Hong Kong.

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