Sydney’s Hotel Hollywood Closing Doors

This is some seriously bummed-out news—The Hotel Hollywood has been put on the market.

The Hollywood is an all-around awesome pub. It looks great, the beer is cold, and the vibe is unbeatable because, like all good bars, there’s not one type of person at The Hollywood. If you go to, say, The Lord Dudley in Paddington, you know you’re going to be neck-deep in pop-collar rugby shirts, boat shoes and cold stares because you’re not popping your collar or wearing boat shoes; but at The Hollywood, you never know who you’ll see, and that’s what makes it so special. Actress and cabaret singer Doris Goddard bought the pub in 1977, after a successful career in Hollywood, performing alongside Katharine Hepburn, Piper Laurie, and Bob Hope among others. When she returned to Sydney (she was born in Forest Lodge in 1930) and opened The Hotel Hollywood’s doors, she brought a bit of glamour (and a ton of amazing showbiz gossip, apparently) to Surry Hills.

Doris goofing around with Bob Hope in 1955.

Dorris passed away in 2019 and now her pub is going, too. If you’ve never been, now would be a good time to check it out. I recommend Thursday or Friday at around 4 PM. Get in early, get a beer, a seat, and enjoy the last days of an icon.

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