‘Sweet Adventure’ Is Not Your Average Surf Flick

‘Adventure’ defined in 21 words is an unusual, exciting and possibly dangerous activity—is adventure even out there anymore?

Have we become distracted by our desire for 1000 likes and become so meticulous in tracking weather patterns and timetables to render any roads to the unknown impossible? Are we just not looking hard enough?

Sweet Adventure, Peter Hamblin’s new surf film, seeks to answer these questions with the witty irreverence he is renowned for, helped by narration from Selema Masekela. It’s a surf film, yes, but it’s also more than that. It’s an ode to all the things we’ve been missing post-apocalyptic times: travelling, mates and the sweet feeling of being somewhere new.

A strike mission to El Salvador starring Albee Layer, Nora Vasconcellos, Matt Meola, Selema Masekela, Marcello Vasconcellos, Pat O’Connell Wingnut, Dana Brown, Bryan Perez Rivas and the entire El Zonto crew, Sweet Adventure is a film to remind us of what life is all about. Hit play on the trailer above, and keep an eye out for the film streaming in full, very soon.

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