Stuff We Want This Week

Did you read the news the other day about massive companies like Nike and FedEx paying absolutely zilch in federal income tax for the past three years?

Crazy. And here we are, working hard, paying taxes and spending our hard-earned cash on shiny new things we found on the internet. Who’re the real suckers? Don’t answer that; let’s have a look at the things we really want to ruin our bank balances for this week instead.

NOAH x Vans Style 24 LX (Price TBA)

Here’s a combo we truly back: NOAH and Vans. They’ve reached deep into the vault for this one, pulling out two fresh takes on the Style 24 LX, a skate shoe that was made popular in the late 80s, when similar silhouettes were being worn by the late, great Jeff Grosso. You’ve got a choice of red/black camo or green/white camo, but we’re going with the latter.

Both colourways drop on NOAH on April 8th.

Who is Elijah – Prices range from $35 (AUD) to $159 (AUD)

No idea, but this scent is great. We had the best intentions to tell you exactly which bottle of this unisex fragrance you should pick up, but the name eventually faded along with the scent. Doesn’t matter though, because you can pick up a $35 tester kit and give each of the fragrances a go before committing to just one. Gone are the days of strictly his and her perfumes—this smells good on everyone and anyone.

Get some here. 

Supreme x Dr. Martens (Price TBA)

You don’t need to be told these are nice shoes—you’ve got eyes, doncha? And those eyes are looking at the three new colourways from the Supreme x Dr. Martens collab (the zebra colourway has pony hair uppers, whereas the black and orange colourways come in vintage leather). Options for the conspicuous and inconspicuous dresser, you better believe these will be snapped up quick, so don’t wait around.

Get a pair on April 8th on Supreme’s website.

JBL Clip 4 $89.95 (AUD)

We’re not just speculating that this speaker is good; we know it’s good. It’s been shoved under luggage for long haul road trips, clipped in the shower night after night, had beer splashed over it, and that reliable thing still pumps out tunes with the kind of quality that defies its size. You know what else is nice? That price tag.

Get one here. 

House Plant Ashtray Set $85 (USD)

Have you checked out Seth Rogen’s new brand, House Plant, yet? It’s really, really great, and sells more than just smoking paraphernalia. Though, this ceramic set we’re featuring is purpose made for just that. The ashtray set features a deep well to keep ash from flying away, a notch-like rest, and a saucer with three uses (a holder for a lighter, another ashtray, or a coaster for the ashtray itself) and comes with a matching vase for flowers. It’s sold out for the minute, but they’re restocking like mad so hit that ‘notify me’ button to keep up to date. Lots of other great stuff on the site to check out too.

Check it out here.

Something Wonderful Hoodie $129.95 (AUD)

Everyone’s wardrobe needs a hoodie. Every clever person’s wardrobe needs two or more hoodies because one will invariably go missing/get adopted by a boyfriend or girlfriend/get left on the beach. This light blue and orange one from Something Wonderful is a good option because you can spot it on your mate from a mile away.

Get one here.

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade $28 (AUD)

The fine folk at Uppercut Deluxe sent a box of goodies to MC HQ. After a few jabs at the expense of those with fewer follicles in the office, the pomades were tested out and the results unanimous: their Deluxe Pomade with a ‘strong hold’ was the winner—even for the bloke in the office with enough thick locks to stuff a king-sized quilt. This one does the trick.

Get some here.

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