Studio Visit: Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood

Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke have appeared in a studio visit of sorts, in the lead up to their October show at Christie’s in London.

Curated by the longtime friends and collaborators, How to Disappear Completely will feature six paintings from Radiohead’s seminal Kid A era, alongside drawings, lyrics and digital art from the pair. Donwood first met Yorke at Exeter University, where they became uni mates and creative collaborators from the jump, which Yorke touches on in the new video. ‘He was the guy at art college who could actually paint, they kicked me out,’ Yorke says. ‘When I met him the first day, he sat there with a book and you were totally aloof and I thought, “I’m either really going to hate this bloke or I’m only going to end up working with him forever.”’

The display at Christie’s will include a series of dystopian landscapes made from 1999 to 2001, and closely tie in with the final cover and sleeve art for Kid A, creating during Donwood and the band’s time spent in a ‘crazy manor house somewhere in the Cotswolds’ where the band made the album on the ground floor, and the Donwood got to work on the album artwork floors above. ‘I was just in this space where there was music happening all the time,’ Donwood describes in the video. ‘I’d find it hard to look at these [paintings] without hearing the music that’s kind of in them, it’s encoded.’

Hit play on the studio visit above.

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